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THE MISSION OF The Creation Science Association of British Columbia is to promote the cause of creationism in churches, schools and in our culture in general.

To relate the Bible of the Christian faith to the sciences and disciplines in the educational world and in industry. To promote research to study creationism.

Special Recent Creation rather than a creation by development from one form of life to another. Divine design and purpose in nature, as opposed to an unorganized chance development. A universal Noahian flood.

Christ as God and Man, as our ONLY Substitute and Savior.

The objects of the Association are both religious and educational:The statements of belief of the Association are as follows:The Association is dedicated to bringing to Canadians the amazing new scientific evidence against evolution and in favour of Biblical Creation.

The Association sponsors public lectures and discussions throughout Canada on the subject of Creationism. Funds are needed to support the activities of the Association.

Memberships are therefore solicited from those who subscribe to the objects and statements of belief of the Association as listed above. Annual membership fees are listed below. All members will automatically receive mailing news and information as well as notification of upcoming events.

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Our membership fee is $15 CAD per year, payable by Cheque or Credit Card. You may call in your payment to (604) 535-0019. Or visit

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